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Seacht mBua an Éirí Amach

Seacht mBua an Éirí Amach Seacht mBua an Éirí Amach by Pádraic O’Conaire, 1918, Dublin A collection of short stories by Pádraic Ó Conaire (1882-1928) set during the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. Although not directly concerned with the events of the Rising, the stories deal with the ways in [...]

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Field and Fair

Field and Fair Field and Fair: travels with a donkey in Ireland, 1929, Dublin Twelve rural sketches by Pádraic Ó Conaire (1882-1928), translated by Cormac Breathnach (1886-1956) and illustrated by Mícheál MacLiammóir (Alfred Willmore, 1899-1978) published a year after the author’s death. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:008 Location: Storage   [...]

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Anam Páiste

Anam Páiste Anam Páiste by Pádraic O’Conaire, 1924, Dublin Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:007 Location: Storage

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An Crann Géagach

An Crann Géagach An Crann Géagach by Pádraic O’Conaire, Dublin Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:006 Location: Display

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Síol Éaba

Síol Éaba Síol Éaba by Pádraic O’Conaire, 1922, Dublin Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:004 Location: Storage  

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Brian Óg

Brian Óg Brian Óg by Pádraic O’Conaire, Education Company of Ireland, Ltd., Dublin The date ‘1926’ written in pencil on front of book. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:002 Location: Storage

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Tír na n-longantas

Tír na n-longantas Tír na n-longantas by Pádraic O’Conaire, 1919, Powell Press, Dublin Donation Museum Reg. GCM2015:001:001 Location: Storage

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Christening Gown

Christening Gown Christening gown reputedly used at the baptism of Patrick Joseph Conroy, better known as Pádraic Ó Conaire (1882-1928), the first child of Thomas and Kate (née McDonogh) Conroy. Made of white cotton, the gown has short sleeves, a long skirt, and a round, gathered neckline. It was constructed using machine and [...]

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