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Fáilte chuig Músaem Cathrach na Gaillimhe

Storytelling: How English Came to Be

One of Ireland's best-known storytellers Niall de Búrca

Seanchaí (shan-ah-kee) is an Irish word which translates as "old talker" meaning storyteller. In Irish tradition, the seanachaí was well respected both as an artist and scholar. At a time when the majority of the Irish population didn't have access to books, storytellers were famed for their ability to recite lengthy and detailed traditional poems and tales, as well as historical events and family genealogies.

Niall de Búrca at the Galway City Museum

Here one of Ireland's best-known storytellers Niall de Búrca, a native of Galway City, tells a traditional story about the origins of the English language.

How English Came To Be

Background to the Story

Influence of Galway on Niall de Burcas Storytelling Style