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Dear future Galwegians, it has been a year for the history books. We went into 2020 hoping for a clean slate and look where we are! In the middle of a pandemic, not able to see our friends, go to school or go anywhere without a mask! Even though the vaccines are on the way, it won’t be until September before we get it. That is another few long months of mask wearing, social distancing and not being able to see people! It isn’t all bad though, for example, you get to see your family more and more time to do things at home such as gardening or playing games. It has been up and down this year, with us getting only 12 cases in the summer and now getting up to 3,000! It is safe to say we will be telling our grandchildren about this crazy year! Good luck in the future, Alan.

Galway City Museum will remain closed until further notice.
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