Dear Galway,
My advice to you who might have to cocoon like me for months and months in isolation is to be creative about it. Like a lot of cocooners, hourly news updates and looking out the window consumed me in the early days! Writing about how I felt didn’t make Covid go away but it did make it a little more bearable. This is one of the poems I wrote during the first lockdown.

Light winds, drizzle and mostly cloudy
Will somebody tell the weather lady
It doesn’t matter the weather
There is no reason to lift a feather
Who cares if it rains or shines
It’s all just a picture behind open blinds

Tell us about ways of coping
Through spells of heavy emotion
How to clear foggy brains
How to dry eyes that rain and rain
How to warm a dampened heart
How to lift spirits for a whole new start

Tell us, is the forecast looking good
When can we wave goodbye to the flood
Of tears and loss and collective shock
When does the storm look set to stop
Can we see sunny days on the horizon
Wink, nod, give us something to thrive on

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