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Day 2 of the Civil War, 29 June 1922

The republican daily, Poblacht na h-Eireann (sic) was first published on 28 June, the ‘Seventh Year of the Republic’, the first day of the Free State attack on the Republican garrison in the Four Courts - the start of the civil war. In this second 'stop press' issue, dated 29 June, the IRA’s Army Executive [...]

The Civil War, 28 June 1922

The Irish Civil War began 100 years ago today. On 28 June 1922, after several months of uneasy tension between Free Staters and Republicans over the Treaty, the Provisional Government of the Irish Free State – under pressure from the British – began shelling the Four Courts complex in Dublin, where the Republican garrison was [...]

The Old Galway Diary – Episode 64

In this episode, Tom Kenny is looking at the history of steamers and boats on the Corrib. Ronnie O'Gorman is looking at the tragedy of the Rescue 116 crash in 2017. · The Old Galway Diary Podcast - Episode 64 - Steamers on the Corrib & Search and Rescue Tragedy   Related Articles: [...]

De Valera in Galway, 23 April 1922

Over the weekend of 22 and 23 April 1922, Éamonn de Valera, accompanied by Harry Boland and Cathal Brugha (both of whom would soon be killed in the Civil War), addressed a number of anti-Treaty public meetings across Co. Galway. They arrived in Galway city on Sunday morning, 23 April, and lodged with Fr T. [...]

Galwegians aboard the RMS Titanic in 1912

In the early hours of 15 April 1912, 110 years ago today, the ‘unsinkable’ Belfast-built RMS Titanic – on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York – went down off Newfoundland with the loss of 1,517 of the 2,223 passengers and crew members aboard. There were nine victims, eight males and one female, from [...]

IRA split in Galway, 29 March 1922

On 29 March 1922, one hundred years ago today, the anti-Treaty IRA evicted the pro-Treaty IRA from Renmore Barracks in Galway.  As with Dáil Éireann, the Irish Republican Army (IRA), whose volunteers had fought the War of Independence, was split over the merits or otherwise of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which granted the twenty-six counties of [...]

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