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Letters from 1903 Royal Visit

Letters from the 1903 Royal Visit to Galway Letter dated 1 August 1903, from the Lord Lieutenant, Dublin Castle to Rev. James Fleetwood Berry, Rector of Galway, which accompanied a declaration of gratitude from King Edward VII who had recently visited Galway. Donation Museum Reg. Comerford House Collection Location: Display [...]

Pearse Commemorative Coin

Pearse Commemorative Coin Silver commemorative 10-shilling coin commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Rising in 1966. Developed by English coin-designer Thomas Humphrey Paget (1893-1974), the coin features a side portrait of the executed signatory, P.H. Pearse (1879 - 1916) and on the reverse a depiction of [...]

Ulster Betrayed

Ulster betrayed Four page booklet which refers to an unpublished letter from Father Isidore B. Mooney to the editor of the Irish Independent newspaper, addressed and dated Dublin, May 18, 1923 re ‘The Startling Admissions of Eoin Mac Neill’. Printed by Whiteley & Wright, 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester. Donation Museum [...]

On The Proper Shoulders

On the proper shoulders Eight page booklet with extracts from the official proceedings in the English House of Commons, Hansard, June 26th, 1922. Vol. 155. No. 84; relating to the occupation of the Four Courts by Republicans. Printed by Whiteley & Wright, 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester. Donation Museum [...]

Sovereignty of the Irish State

Sovereignty of the Irish State ‘Who stands for the sovereignty of the Irish people?’ Extracts from a speech given by Eamon de Valera July 17th, 1923 in the Mansion House, outlining the Sinn Féin manifesto for the realisation of a sovereign Irish State. Printed by Whiteley & Wright, 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester. Donation [...]

Hear Mr O’Higgins

Hear Mr O'Higgins Anti-Treaty handbill listing articles in the Free State Constitution with quotes from Kevin O'Higgins at Bray, Sunday June 10th, 1923’. Printed by Whiteley & Wright, 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2017:013:001 Location: Storage

Pro Treaty Bill

Pro-Treaty Bill ‘Cumann na Saoirse / Points for Canvassers’ Pro-Treaty handbill published by Mahon's Printing Works, Dublin, 1922. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2017:003 Location: Storage

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