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Hello, my name is Dara. I live in Galway and I am 13 years old. During lockdown, many things have been cancelled including the Olympics, big sports events and other things like holidays etc. At first, I thought it would just be a little cold and that some people would suffer, but that it would get better in about a month. But when lockdown initially started it kind of hit me that this was a serious situation – a pandemic – they don’t call just anything a pandemic. This is a big thing.
Six months later, we’re back in school. I haven’t seen my friends in a long time. New school (I was in my last term of 6th class when the schools closed) and we’re wearing masks. It was hard to wear masks all day in school. You couldn’t breathe very well in them and it got quite sweaty underneath the mask. They made it harder to communicate. It was very weird, but I felt the least of it. People died – deaths were measured in millions and families were kept apart. Doctors and nurses worked really longs hours in terrible circumstances, risking their lives. Also, tourists were stranded in other countries without the comfort of their families and relatives. As of late, vaccines have been developed to fight of the virus which hopefully will put an end to this crisis.

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