Dear Galway,
Beautiful buzzing city , how did you change in such a short time, it was early February 2020 when the news started getting more widespread across Ireland, this news of a virus , grappled each news channel , it was very hard to switch the tv off. Most of us didnt know much about it, all we knew was that it came from somewhere in china in place called Wuhan, the knowledge we have now makes you realize how oblivious we really were to it all . March 13th , 2020 it was the first time our country would experience a place where the country that is always full of life, would suddenly switch its lights off, and to stay home was the safest thing to do. Most of embraced the first ever nationwide lockdown, we took up new hobbies, most of us had a chance to hit pause on our lives, we got to work from home more regularly, without the need to to commute, we got to have more family time , and invest in us. And yes we all loved it, posts on facebook with people showing their new found fame in music, bakery, cooking, all of these kept us going. Zoom calls were the thing , and in someway we all found happiness and an avenue to cope. However the doctors and nurses became our real heros and our health that most of us took for granted became important then ever. But days passed on , and these new things that we slowly adapted into our lives made us all weary. We couldn’t shop the way we use to, we had to wear masks, constantly clean our hands with hand santised and stay 2m apart, this was very difficult , but we all pressed on. Day by Day , minute by minute we we get a glimmer of hope and then suddenly we would hear that things were getting bad again. Life wasn’t back to normal, but we kept pushing on. By then summer had arrived , for the first time leaving cert students didnt sit their exam, college was taking completely online, students found it very hard to cope , but again their Tik Tok stage presence made them all connect & school hub via TV was the thing. All of us young and old embraced technology more than ever, our phone, computer became our second friend. The summer sun glared on for most of the time, where we again were in another lockdown, things started to pick up around September, but we still had different levels of lockdown, sooner then ever we all experienced December, a very strange time, most of us were all exhausted, all the parents working form home and home schooling, people not getting a chance for proper vacation, or seeing their relative, in somewhat we all lost our mojo, Christmas day the restrictions were lifted and we were able to see our friends and family, however this was all about to change NYE 2020, the cases started to raise more significantly, lockdown 3 looming , all we could do was start to prepare & get ready , to go back in doors, so here we are January 2021, all in lockdown again.

To the Future Galwegians : What can I tell you is embrace life, live your dreams, never have regrets, if something hurts you let it go, you will find greater peace by doing this, if you have faith believe in it, God is good & each day is a gift for him. Never be afraid to take up something new, never be afraid to have a voice, connect with all your friends and family, share the love, travel travel travel, taste & variety, enjoy a song ,show, buy your self those amazing clothes, but remember try and live a minimalist life, once your finished with using something pass it on in order to make room for something new, to survive this most significant mark in history , it takes perseverance, treat each day like its your best day, give yourself the warmth and love, pass it on to the people around, you. Eat healthy , mind your weight , be respectful of others & remember always have the JOY JOY down in your Heart. No matter what when you get up in the morning just remember the best days are ahead of you & you can accomplish anything.
PS: Peace & Love makes the world a better place to live in, and place Hope, Honesty, Respect at the top of your list ūüôā

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