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Róisín Curé has taught sketching and cartooning workshops to adults and children, in Ireland and across Europe, for over a decade. In this workshop Róisín will demonstrate some drawing skills that will enable participants to illustrate their own mythical creature.

Drawing Abha

Róisín begins by drawing Niall’s imaginary creature, Abha, as she imagines it to be. Abha is an eel-like creature that has lived in the River Corrib for centuries and likes to steal things.

Cartoon Drawing Skills

Róisín teaches some cartoon drawing skills that will enable participants to draw their own imaginary creatures. Learn how to draw a range of facial expressions and how to give your character movement and dialogue.


You can download the full drawing worksheet HERE

Drawing a Hybrid Creature

Many mythical creatures from the ancient world were hybrids – a monster made up of a combination of creatures. Some were half human and half animal – such as the Greek Minotaur, which had the body of a man with the head of a bull. Others had the traits of more than one kind of animal – such as the Greek Griffin, which had the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Róisín draws an imaginary hybrid creature with claws, fur, webbed feet, scales and a trunk. How many different animals can you spot in her creation? Afterwards, have a go at creating your own creature by combining elements of two or more of your favourite animals.

You can download the drawings, in black and white and colour from the list below:

Mythical Creatures in colour

Hybrid Creature in colour

Abha in colour

Mythical Creatures in black & white

Abha in black & white

This Galway City Museum initiative is supported by Creative Ireland through Galway City Council.

Curriculum Links
3rd to 6th Classes
Strand (unit): Story (myths and legends)
Visual Arts: 
Strand (unit): Drawing (making drawings)

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