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Dear Galway,

My COVID 19 experience has been strange, new and sad
It was sad because most of my family live in England and I haven’t seen them since COVID started. We have been doing loads of Zoom calls though to stay in touch and my sister and I have been writing letters to everyone. Home schooling was very strange and different and I have been missing the classroom and my friends but at least we can still keep in touch over email and Zoom. I wrote a poem during lockdown, hope you like it!


Some days I feel sad, there’s nothing to do, lockdown life makes me want to chew my own shoe!

I stare at the walls, missing my friends, we’ve been through lots of curves and bends.

Other days are better, the sun is on my face, I smile, get to my feet and pick up the pace.

I watch my bunnies hopping around, they do it all day and don’t make a sound.

My dog on the other hand barks like mad, it’s hard to tell if she’s happy or sad!

I see the birds up in their nests, I don’t think they need COVID tests!

So life with lockdown isn’t so bad, if we remember it’s ok to be happy and sad.

My words of advice on how to keep positive during these times would be to, Keep Kind, be Calm, and COVID on!

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