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Dear Galway,
Lock-down has made me discover new talents and hobbies. I have discovered my passion for writing, music and soccer a while ago but lock-down has really given me the chance of improvement because of all of the time I spend at home. I got a lovely puppy called Rosie when the corona cases were low- just in time! But here is a pro tip: DO NOT GO TRAVELING INTO OTHER COUNTRIES! It made me really upset that while other people where keeping their distance, staying in their counties and meeting outside, other people decide to travel and spread Covid 19 ! So everything had to close and we went back into lock-down again. Now that we are back in lock-down I teach my dog lots of cool tricks like jump, roll over, through etc…
I go on lots of hikes of course in the diameter of 5km. I play with my sister and my dog a lot especially since we moved houses and now I have a massive garden! Although I shall admit that I play a lot of video games and that there were personal problems with a boy in my class that bullied me but all in all zoom with my friends isn’t that bad and I can live with it for now.

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