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“I have my notebook since the year 2009. The notebook consists of motivational verses, and I also used it as a phone book. I used to write some motivational verses on Sundays when I attended church. The verses are still vital to me as a Christian, and I believe in re-consulting the word of God all the time. So instead of using the Bible constantly, I find it handy to use my notes. I always check the book and read it to get some encouragement. I keep the book because I want to preserve the messages it contains. I also use it to look for my long lost contacts. I keep the notebook in my important document folder.”

“In Zimbabwe, when attending church, it is a well-known manner that Christians would carry a Holy Bible and a notebook for jotting verses. This practice is mainly encouraged by Pastors for revision purposes. In the past years in Africa, we wrote down the phone numbers of our friends and relatives in a booklet. This is so because we used to make calls on the phone-call box in the town centre, before the invention of cellular phones, and after the invention, the cellular phones were expensive to buy; you could sell two cattle to purchase the phone.”

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