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Peju’s ‘rock-on’ souvenir

“When I relocated to Ireland, I did not manage to bring most of my belongings with me, but I carried my beloved ‘rock on’ souvenir. The souvenir had a chain, but I lost it several years back. When the love is genuine, you can feel that you met your soulmate, and it’s easy to differentiate him from all the previous people you met. The level of caring, acts of services, and compassion depict all the right attributes contained by your soul mate. In a relationship, presents/gifts show how somebody cares and ignites the romantic flames. It feels good when you are in a relationship with the right person who compliments you. My husband was heaven sent.”

“My husband gave me the keepsake before we got married. The value of the souvenir is the element of love. I met my husband in the year 1989, and he purchased the present for me in 1994, that was when the love was blooming. I received the ‘rock on’ keepsake from my husband before we got married; that time, he was my boyfriend. We parted ways later after several years of being together, and we had four children. The souvenir is important because it is made out of pure gold and has an amazing design.

I felt honoured by my boyfriend back then because I believe it was costly when he bought it. When I was in Africa, I used to keep my souvenir in a special place as I treasure them the most. The souvenir is important to me because I always show my kids how special their father is to me to know that true love existed and it still exists. The souvenir reminds me of where I met him, and even the date and the place. I am far away from him, but by just discussing him and my special gift today, the memories became fresh, and I feel connected with him currently.

I have a special place for my keepsake; I keep it in a small toilet bag where I store my new jewellery. The jewellery bag is always in a particular box where I keep my main essentials.”

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