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“The Department of Arts hosted the Jazz on the Lake Festival in Zoo Lake, Johannesburg in South Africa, every year, the first Sunday of the first week of September. When I met my true love, he had a culture of attending the festival each year, and I also started to like Jazz music to support my love. I adopted my boyfriend’s culture of attending the event each year. We attended the events before having our child in 2004 until the year we separated in 201O. The picture shows my family, which is my husband, my beautiful daughter and my husband’s uncle. The photographer in South Africa took the pictures at the Jazz on the Lake Festival in 2007. It was an instant picture.”

“That was the first event that I attended carrying a baby as a mother in 2007. The picture shows the young and beautiful me embarking on the parenthood journey. My baby was only five months old then, and she is now a teenager. My husband was supportive, so I enjoyed the festival, knowing that our baby attended what we both liked and introducing her to the festival even though she was young.

I love meeting new people, and I love festivals a lot, so the photo reconnects me with what I loved, and it bridges the gap of missing the Jazz festival that I dearly loved. It creates the most amazing memories that I will cherish each day.

All the South African community used to attend the event, and it was multicultural; it allowed me to meet the South African diverse community. As a regular attendee, I could see the different faces who regularly attended the event, like my family, and socialise. The festival was peaceful and brought cultures together in harmony. The environment was the same but only a different experience holding a baby in my arms.

The festival is more like the Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF) –The Big Top. The environment was the same; what only differs was that the Jazz Festival allowed us to bring along the barbeque stands, drinks, and meat; they also had a beer garden just like the Heineken beer garden at GIAF. The picture takes me back home even though we have our festivals here in Ireland. I hope that the GIAF will partner with the Jazz musicians one day and bring the musicians to Ireland.

That is one of the photos that I carried to Ireland, and they were in my passport from Africa. The picture represents my past, which I have both bad and good memories of. The photo is also essential because I naturally love taking photographs, keeping and capturing each moment. I miss my daughter and my fathers’ child, who was my first true love regardless of the problems we had before leaving Africa. My daughters’ father surrounded my teenage lifestyle and my adulthood. The photo reminds me of the young me making the most out of my precious time, meeting new people and having fun. I keep the photos in plastic, and then I put them in the picture frame, and I put them in my side bed drawer.”

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