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“In the African culture, we believe in family support; siblings play a role in taking care of the other siblings financially. I received the skirt and other few clothes from my sister in the year 2016. The skirt was my favourite. In Africa, if you have any relatives in Diaspora/foreign land, we expect them to do buy and send gifts for people in the home country even though they won’t have enough in whichever foreign country they will be residing. We take pride by just saying we have relatives in the Diaspora. My sister bought the skirt for me in Diaspora-Europe, and that was my favourite clothes out of all the clothes she sends to me. It has special memories; it connects me with my home town streets, were I resided. I have lovely memories; it connects me with Liberty Chitungo, my best friend and my other friends.”

“Several times whenever Liberty wanted to visit his close friends who were girls, he used to go with me, and the girls would compliment me, saying, ‘I was good at dressing up’, and comment a lot on my sense of style because of the skirt. That was my favourite clothes, my unique skirt, it was the most beautiful of all my clothes, and it fitted me perfectly. I used to wear it every day, it was the best garment in my wardrobe.

I have a great sense of fashion. I like wearing beautiful clothes which shapes my body perfectly, and it used to have its matching top, but I didn’t bring it along because it was small, the skirt is not becoming small-sized because it is stretchy. Whenever I put it on, I felt like being in the streets to see my friends, of which they are far away. My skirt now has a more valuable meaning here in Ireland. Whenever I put it on, I feel reconnected with my friends because I miss them each day even though I have other friends in Ireland now.

Whenever I put it on, I tend to start talking a lot about the good times I had with my friends. I feel that it’s very nice because of its colour combination, the stretchy material and the way it suits my body structure. I used to feel that, indeed, I have relatives in Western countries. As I am still growing up, if I gain some weight, I will put on/reuse the skirt as a boob-tube top because I like it very much.

I keep it in the wardrobe with my other clothes, but where it is easily seen because that’s my to-go skirt, I wear it anytime, sometimes I can wear it continuously within a week, that’s how I love it. I hand wash it all the times to avoid it from being ruined by a washing machine.”

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