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Dear Galway, as you probably already know, in 2020 and as I write, covid-19 is taking its toll on humanity and for most of this time we had to stay in our homes or within a 5k radius of them. If there is a pandemic or anything else keeping us at home, I have a few tips for your physical, mental and pretty much all-round health. Number 1:Go outside! do some exercise, or do some fitness videos if you live in an flat or apartment. Number 2: Socialize, make sure to do regular calls, video or not . For people living by themselves, a handmade card or letter can really make them smile or if restrictions allow it go for a walk or distance chat with a friend? Number 3: Interact. stuck at home with the family? Great! take this time to play some games, grow something or just watch a movie together this time is also great to spend time with any baby siblings you have. Every day is a chance to learn something new. So hope this comes in handy and that if there’s a panic let it be an organized one!
Yours Truly,
Lily Mannion

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