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Dear Galway,

I’m writing to you from the year 2021. The past year has been very strange, at the moment we are in the middle of a global pandemic called Covid-19 or Coronavirus, which means most of us haven’t seen our family and friends in quite a few months! We are not allowed to go past 5km of our home. Whenever we must leave our house have to wear a face mask which covers our mouth and nose, I don’t mind wearing a face mask because it keeps the people who may die from the virus safe, but some people really hate it! We also must keep at least two metres apart from people that we don’t live with and wash our hands regularly. We have been out of school for most of 2020, it is January in 2021 now and we have been out all month and possibly until March (but we don’t know for certain), we are doing online school on our computer, so we meet up with our teacher on a video call and the teacher gives us work to do. I do miss going out with my friends and cousins, but other things are more important! Things are getting better though, because we have developed a few different vaccines for the virus, some of which you may have had yourself! Hope everything is alright in the year you read this!

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