Dear Galway, lockdown has been quite tough for me, you see, school shut down and we have to do online school which is a bit hard for me but overall I get to stay in bed all day 🙂
I like zooms with friends but I like seeing them in person more. A tip is to not do lot’s of shopping at the start of when a virus happens. The reason is, the stores get to crowded while we have to stay 2m/6ft away, maybe just shop a few days later so it wouldn’t be as crowded. I think Covid 19 is really stressful for a lot of people, the reason is, if you have a family member that needs to stay isolated, then it’s hard not seeing them and spending time because of the virus. Wearing a mask is… I don’t know how to explain it, you see as a kid, some masks are to big for me and just fall off my face, While Covid 19 happened, I got a baby brother and we go on walks with him! My brother started to sit by himself and eat anything in his hands. Isolating is tricky but overall I have my brother and amazing friends!

Galway City Museum will remain closed until further notice.
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