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it has been a though year for every one in 2020 but people have made through it some didnt but still a lot of people did and were strong . Back in march of 2020 the schools were closed and every one was put into a lockdown which no one in this generation has ever come across before but any way when schools were shut and there was a lockdown no one could go any where, do anything, or even visit any one and that is very hard because in 2019 there was no such thing as this and everyone who ever thinked that a pandemic like this would ever happen but it was ok people got through but some didn’t sadly. As things got worse people were told to wear a mask social distance and stay at home . It was very hard a a student of any school to not see any one at all or even go to school .Any way the schools stayed shut till september and then they reopened and every one who went to school had to wear a mask which is very annoying but people have to do what they can do to stop someone from getting sick .It was a though year 2020 but we got through it and we just have to keep going because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and now there is a vacine and once every one gets that we can go back to normal as every one despertly wants this was tough but we will get through it this was my experiance and everyones through covid 19 . It is now 2021 when i am writing this letter and now there is a vacine

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