Press Release

March 2021


This is a test email


Dear Galway, My advice to you who might have to cocoon like me for months and months in isolation is to be creative about it. Like a lot of cocooners, hourly news updates and looking [...]


Dear Galway, Beautiful buzzing city , how did you change in such a short time, it was early February 2020 when the news started getting more widespread across Ireland, this news of a virus , [...]


Dear Galway, Beautiful buzzing city , how did you change in such a short time, it was early February 2020 when the news started getting more widespread across Ireland, this news of a virus , [...]

Lily Monique Mannion

Dear Galway, as you probably already know, in 2020 and as I write, covid-19 is taking its toll on humanity and for most of this time we had to stay in our homes or within [...]

Eduard Antoniu

Dear Galway, Please stay the beautiful city I used to call home mostly as a busker during '14 before I got a job in Dublin. I wanted to come back to at least call it [...]

Rhona Gerritsen

Dear Galway I am a girl from 2021 There is a crisis at the moment called corona or covid 19 Me and my family were not to badly effected except my mom lost her uncle [...]


Dear galway i hope you are good for me yes i am great . But with that covid i cant go see things like i wanted to . But onless i have some friends to [...]


dear galway my name is molly daly i am 11 years old this hole covid-19 thing has bin a reck but now t that my grandad has dementia it has bin 200 times wores. first [...]


I am sharing my thoughts obout covid19. I think that you should be careful but the news make it sound worse than it actually is. I think you should wear a mask and all that [...]


Dear Galway museum, I am writing to the future people of Galway city. I'm from a time when Corona virus happened,at we always had to stay inside! It may be bizarre but it's true!, It's [...]


Dear Galway, when covid came to Ireland I was really worried because it was a threat to our health. The biggest change was quarantine because I couldn't see my friends, or go to school, I [...]

Daniela Cruz

Dear Galway, This is my experience during Covid-19 When 2020 started no one had an idea of what was gonna happen. We all thought it would be a normal year. But no, Covid-19 came in [...]

Izzy Finn

Dear Galway, My COVID 19 experience has been strange, new and sad It was sad because most of my family live in England and I haven't seen them since COVID started. We have been doing [...]

Keana Kugel

Dear Galway, Lock-down has made me discover new talents and hobbies. I have discovered my passion for writing, music and soccer a while ago but lock-down has really given me the chance of improvement because [...]


Dear Galway, lockdown has been quite tough for me, you see, school shut down and we have to do online school which is a bit hard for me but overall I get to stay in [...]

Alan Lydon

Dear future Galwegians, it has been a year for the history books. We went into 2020 hoping for a clean slate and look where we are! In the middle of a pandemic, not able to [...]

Gina Dawson

Altered State For a moment Between the blinking of an awakening eye And the systole and diastole of our beating hearts It doesn't exist Then, like an unstoppable train The truth emerges Covid is here [...]

Louise McCoy

Dear Galway.....2020 started with an emergency trip to St. James Hospital in Dublin where my mother in law was taken in and was critically ill. My husband sat at her bedside in icu for weeks [...]

Hana Niedermeierova

Dear Galway, here is my Covid19 letter to future generations Today is Monday 25th January 2021. Ten years ago I moved to Ireland from the Czech Republic. Maybe these countries still exist, maybe not. I [...]

Christina Hession

My dad who had been ill for some time, died during the first Covid 19 lockdown in April 2020. Coronavirus signalled the end of funerals as we knew them. The funeral and grieving process has [...]

Ryan Costello

Dear Future Galwegians, During the Covid-19 pandemic it was quite hard to do anything, there was no school which might sound ice but got boring very fast, you couldn't visit friends or family and if [...]

James Somers

Dear Galway, Wuhan in China all over the news, Making the headlines with frightening reviews. A brand new virus that can easily kill, Nothing can stop it, not even a pill. Leo's speech had us [...]

Michaela van Gent

Dear Galway, Today is the 01/02/2021. Last year seemed to be all about Covid 19, the coronavirus that is spreading all over the world. So far this year it hasnt't been any different at all. [...]

oisin lepage

it has been a though year for every one in 2020 but people have made through it some didnt but still a lot of people did and were strong . Back in march of 2020 [...]

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