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June 2017

Lord Killanin Cane

Lord Killanin's Walking Cane Walking cane which belonged to Lord Killanin (1914-1999) of Spiddal House, Galway. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2011:006:008 Location: Storage  

Nixon’s Cufflinks

Richard Nixon's Cufflinks Pair of Richard Nixon’s (1913-1994) cufflinks presented by him to movie director John Ford (1895-1973). Nixon was President of the United States of America from 1969 to 1974. Donation Museum [...]

Dog Show Poster

Dog Show Poster, 1936 Poster advertising a dog show in Eyre Square, Thursday July 9, 1936. The poster lists the prizes to be won and transport arrangements and fares. It was printed by [...]

Magdalene Laundry Bag

Magdalene Laundry Bag Paper bag from the Magdalene Laundry, Forster St, Galway which was demolished in the 1990s. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2009:006 Location: Storage  

Key from Galway Gaol

Key from Galway Gaol Key to a rear door of Galway Gaol which was located at Nun's Island, where the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and Saint Nicholas now stands. In [...]

Baby Chair

Chair for a Baby Small wooden chair inscribed with ‘For Baby’ on the seat. Dating to the early 20th century. Purchase Museum Reg. Comerford House Collection Location: Storage

Corbett Whiskey Jar

Corbett Whiskey Jar Stoneware whiskey jar, which reads ‘S.P. Corbett, Merchant, Galway’. Corbetts opened in 1894 and was located at Williamsgate St., Galway. Museum Reg. Comerford House Collection Location: Storage   [...]

Cooke Whiskey Jar

Cooke Whiskey Jar Stoneware whiskey jar, which reads ‘R.J. Cooke, Wine Merchant, Madeira House, Galway’. The jar was produced by Port-Dundas Pottery, Glasgow, Scotland. Museum Reg. Comerford House Collection Location: Storage [...]

Moons Boxes

Moons Hat Boxes Two cylindrical cardboard hat boxes with lids, used to deliver gents fur/felt hats from Woodrow and Sons, Stockport to Moons, Galway (now Brown Thomas, 18-21 Eglinton Buildings) in [...]

Walsh Whiskey Jar II

Walsh's Whiskey Jar II Stoneware whiskey jar, which reads ‘Michael Walsh, Tea, Wine & Spirit Merchant, 1 Eyre Square & Williams Gate St, Galway’. The jar was produced by H. [...]

Young’s Whiskey Jar

Young's Whiskey Jar Two stoneware whiskey jars, which reads ‘J. Young, Aerated water Manufacturer, Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchant Galway’. Youngs factory was located at Eglington St., Galway. [...]

Browne’s Cake Boxes

Browne's Cake Boxes Two cake boxes branded on two sides with 'Mrs Brown, High Class Confectioner, Tobacconist, Stationer and News Agent, 26 Dominick St, Galway'. Browne's shop, tea rooms and Post [...]

Records Flyer

Records Flyer Flyer advertising a ‘List of Irish records for Sale’ at T.A. McCullagh, Bookseller & Stationer, Eyre Square, Galway. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2014:002:004 Location: Storage

Smile Photograph Cards

Smile Photograph Cards Two pink ‘Smile Photographs’ photo order cards issued by Mr Shanley (or staff) at Salthill, Galway City. Cards numbered 999 and 1000. Donation Museum Reg. GCM2012:002 Location: Storage   [...]

Walsh Whiskey Jar

Walsh Whiskey Jar Ceramic whiskey jar, stoneware which reads ‘Daniel Walsh, Wine & Spirit merchant, Galway’ Museum Reg. Comerford House Collection Location: Storage


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