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Dear Galway
I am a girl from 2021
There is a crisis at the moment called corona or covid 19
Me and my family were not to badly effected except my mom lost her uncle jimmy (I never got two meet him)
I have mix felling about covid my bad feelings are that I am scared for my granny and when the cases go up to thousands and the deaths go up to 20-50 per day
My good feelings about covid is that I got lots of time to spend with my lovely dog Jessy who sadly died of cancer durn covid and now I am heartbroken.
And I really missed school can you believe that!
I did not miss the school work wich anyway I have to do on Google classroom I missed my friends.
I cominacated with them in deferent ways one of the ways were zooms we sometimes organised the others were playing adopt me with my friends or email.
I spent lots of time with my two bunnies lucky and lulu
After about three months after Jessy had died we were so lonely without a dog we got ather one called Ozzie he was nice but he will never be better then Jessy
Ozzie and Jessy were like the opacity of each other Ozzie was big and clumsy Jessy was fast and medium Ozzie was a lab x red setter x coilie Jessy was staffs cross greyhound.
I got to spend Christmas with my granny but it was weird as I wanted to hug her and I couldn’t and she always had her mask one and I had to stay two meters all the time.
Christmas was weird there was no xmas shopping no visiting friends and family no xmas party’s.
But there is a new vaccine for covid now so I am not as frightening as last year.

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