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Dear Future Galwegians,
During the Covid-19 pandemic it was quite hard to do anything, there was no school which might sound ice but got boring very fast, you couldn’t visit friends or family and if someone in your household was somewhere with someone with Covid-19 you had to stay in your house for 2 weeks! You couldn’t even go to the shop for food someone else had to do it for you! Everything was closed unless it was necessary like shops pharmacies etc. But there was always a bright side for example you had tons of time to spend time with your family, and playing video games or watching tv all day was technically more healthy than going outside! For schools we either were given schedules to have the work done by a certain date or did online classes. There were also many events that happened during the pandemic, for example over in America the elections for the president were happening. There was people during the pandemic that didn’t believe it was real, you might think that’s ironically enough unbelievable but it’s true. They wouldn’t wear masks, which at the time was crucial to not spread Covid-19 to others. But at the time of writing this there’s a vaccine for Covid-19 which would be a great relief.

Well I hope when your reading this Covid-19 is long gone and you can meet people again,
Ryan. 29/1/21

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