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Dear future Galwegians. I am writing to you from January 2021. We are in are second year of the corona virus pandemic and I will share with you some of my thoughts and experience about life at the moment.

So first off all of our classes are now from home through online learning. I do not like learning this way because I miss being able to go into school and being able to communicate with friends and teachers easier. Also I miss the little things like the bus ride to school, messing about in the yard and going to the school shop. At least I do not have to wear a mask in my own house but when we go into public buildings like shops for example we have to wear a mask at all times, except if we are eating of course.

The government tells us that the vaccine is coming fast but not for anybody under the age of eighteen so it’s difficult to feel safe anymore. I still see my friends outside in the air playing basketball from a distance but haven’t been in each others house in a long time. I miss being able to go to a cinema or go swimming or seeing family from a distance because we have to stay within 5k of home during level five of the pandemic.

I hope that your lives are good and that you get the opportunity to enjoy all the little things like spending time with each other and going places. They say the pandemics happen every one hundred years. I hope you do not get one.

Here is a picture of my dog ūüôā

-Senan Weadick-

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